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Sitting all day hurts. And it’s not good for your back. There’s a lot of bulky support cushions on the market but they only do a mediocre job. Well, gone are the days of stiff, achy muscles from sitting all day and a sore back from long car rides. Egg Sitter support cushion supports you so well, you can sit on an egg without breaking it.

Absorbs Pressure Points

Egg Sitter support cushion is different from other cushions because it absorbs pressure points. When you sit on a traditional support cushion, your body weight pushes against the cushion. Constant pressure to your backside can cause leg, backside, and lower back pain. However, when you sit on Egg Sitter, the durable material collapses in on itself and cradles your backside and spine, absorbing those pressure points instead of creating more pressure.


Stays Cool To The Touch

Ever sit on a thick support cushion and stand up an hour later with your pants damp with sweat? Egg Sitter prevents that sweaty mess. It has a honeycomb design made of ultra-flex polymer. The material stays cool to the touch because air can circulate through the cushion. Don’t let Egg Sitter’s soft ultra-flex polymer fool you. It’s super durable and can withstand long periods of sitting. It won’t lose its shape. It won’t tear or rip. Egg Sitter includes a non-slip machine washable cover.

Egg Sitter measures: 15.5-inches X 14-inches X 1.5-inches

Get Egg Sitter Now

Prevent back pain from sitting before it starts. Order your Egg Sitter Support Cushion − perfect for using at the office, in the car, and so much more!

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