The market is saturated with so-called easy decorating solutions – like plastic window clings, cardboard cutouts, string lights, and gel stickies. While each of these items carry a practical price tag, they tend to look blasé and fall short of the initial Wow factor. Star Shower® Window Wonderland™ is the newest decorating product on the block. Rather than displaying the generic, Window Wonderland™ plays 16-second videos in your windows.  That’s right. Animated videos. After the 16-second period, the videos loop to the beginning again. The projector has a total of 12 movies built in – 6 Christmas and 6 Halloween. Window Wonderland™ uses a rear projection screen, so the movies are played from inside your home, then displayed outside.

Setting up your Window Wonderland™ is as easy as place, select, and play.  But here’s a few tips to get stellar looking window displays:

  • The rear projection screen measures 4-feet by 6-feet. It should accommodate most standard size windows. For extra-large and/or specialty windows, you may need to create your own rear projection screen or purchase a larger one. Check out this video tutorial.
  • Light can make your Window Wonderland movies look dull. Additional lighting, like street lights, headlights, flashlights, other outdoor holiday displays contribute to a poorly executed window display. The darker it is outside, the more vibrant your window display appears.
  • The included tripod swivels and pivots 360-degrees. However, to get the perfect angle or height, you can also use a camera tripod (not included). Simply remove the included base, attach to your tripod, and complete set up.
  • The upgraded model of the Window Wonderland™ has an audio jack so you can add sound to your movies. Speakers are sold separately. If you have a Bluetooth transmitter, then you can use your Bluetooth speakers and share sound outdoors. Always obey your local noise ordnances.
  • Make sure other objects do not obstruct your windows, like furniture, otherwise the display won’t look right!

Decorating with Star Shower® Window Wonderland™ means no hazardous trips up the ladder, no freezing fingers decorating outside, and no stolen ornaments. It’s the easiest way to decorate the outside of your home from the inside.